Rachel Carson College Faculty Fellows

UCSC faculty and lecturers whose research and interests are consonant with the College's may be invited to become College Fellows.  This entitles them to participate in College events and to play a role in College governance and programming.  (Click on a fellow's name for more information about her or him.)

Pranav Anand, Assistant Professor, Linguistics

Erik Asphaug, Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Neda Atanasoski, Assistant Professor, Feminist Studies

Tamara Ball, Lecturer, Education & Electrical Engineering

Karen Barad, Professor, Feminist Studies

James Barsimantov, Lecturer, Environmental Studies & Electrical Engineering

David Belanger, Professor, Physics

Dorian Bell, Assistant Professor, Literature

Kevin Bell, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College

Ian Garrick-Bethell, Assistant Professor. Earth & Planetary Sciences

Giacomo Bernardi, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Julie Bettie, Associate Professor, Sociology

Andrew Hunter Bivens, Assistant Professor, Literature

Chelsea Blackmore, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Robert Boltje, Professor, Mathematics

Bruce Bridgeman, Professor Emeritus & Research Professor, Psychology

Emily Brodsky, Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Edmund Burke, Professor Emeritus, History

Jeffrey Bury, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Melissa Caldwell, Professor, Anthropology

Candace Calsoyas, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College

Mark Carr, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Shaowei Chen, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Patrick Chuang, Associate Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Mark Cioc-Ortega, Professor, History

Ryan Coonerty, Legal Studies

Bruce Cooperstein, Professor, Mathematics

Daniel Costa, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Ben Crow, Professor, Sociology

Robert Curry, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies

Samit Dasgupta, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

James Davis, Professor, Computer Science

Jennifer Derr, Assistant Professor, History

Nathaniel Deutsch, Professor, History

Rachel Dewey, Senior Lecturer, Physics

David Draper, Professor, Applied Math & Statistics

William Dunbar, Associate Professor, Computer Engineering

Torsten Ehrhardt, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Shelly Errington, Professor Emerita, Anthropology

David Feldheim, Professor, MCD Biology

Joel Ferguson, Professor, Computer Engineering 

Noah Finnegan, Assistant Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Andrew Fisher, Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Margaret FitzSimmons, Professor, Environmental Studies

Laurel Fox, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

William Friedland, Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Hiroshi Fukurai, Professor, Sociology

Felicity Schaeffer-Grabiel, Associate Professor, Feminist Studies

Pascale Garaud, Associate Professor, Applied Math & Statistics

Jose Joaquin Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Professor, Computer Engineering

Ed (Richard) Green, Associate Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Gregory Gilbert, Professor, Environmental Studies

Viktor Ginzburg Professor, Mathematics

Stephen Gliessman, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies

Walter Goldfrank, Professor Emeritus, Sociology

David Goodman, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies

Aspen Gorry, Assistant Professor, Economics

Gary Griggs, Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences & Director, Institute of Marine Sciences

Claire Gu, Professor, Electrical Engineering

Daniel Guevara, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Julie Guthman, Professor, Social Sciences Division

Brent Haddad, Professor, Environmental Studies & Associate Dean of Engineering

Donna Haraway, Distinguished Professor Emerita, History of Consciousness

Grant Hartzog, Professor, MCD Biology

David Helmbold, Professor, Computer Science

Karen Holl, Professor, Environmental Studies

Christine Hong, Assistant Professor, Literature

Jeremy Hourigan, Assistant Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences

Minghui Hu, Associate Professor, History

Robert Irion, Senior Lecturer & Director, Science Communication Program

Catherine Jones, Assistant Professor, History

Sheldon Kamieniecki, Professor, Environmental Studies & Dean of Social Sciences

Paul Koch, Professor, Chemistry & Dean of Physical & Biological Sciences

Phokion Kolaitis, Distinguished Professor, Computer Science

David Koo, Professor Emeritus, Astronomy & Astrophysics & Lick Observatory

Tracy Larrabee, Professor, Computer Engineering

Barbara Laurence, Managing Editor, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism

Deborah Letourneau, Professor, Environmental Studies

Yat Li, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Roger Linington, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Ronnie Lipschutz, Politics, Professor

Suresh Lodha, Professor, Computer Science

Michael Loik, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Scott Lokey, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Flora Lu, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Paul Lubeck, Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Mark Massoud, Associate Professor, Politics

Michael Mateas, Professor, Computer Science

Andrew Mathews, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Patrick McKercher, Lecturer, Writing Program

Rita Mehta, Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Dejan Milutinović, Assistant Professor, Applied Math & Statistics

Adam Millard-Ball, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

Katie Monsen, Lecturer, Environmental Studies

Soraya Murray, Assistant Professor, Film & Digital Media

Onuttom Narayan, Professor, Physics

John Newman, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College

James O'Connor, Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Katia Obraczka, Professor, Computer Engineering

Brad Olsen, Associate Professor, Education

Eric Palkovacs, Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Ingrid Parker, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Arthur Pearl, Professor Emeritus, Education

John Pearse, Professor Emeritus, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Ken Pedrotti, Professor, Electrical Engineering

James Pepper, Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies

Maya Peterson, Assistant Professor, History

Stacy Philpott, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

Jarmila Pittermann, Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Nader Pourmand, Associate Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Daniel Press, Professor, Environmental Studies

Mary Beth Pudup, Associate Professor, Community Studies

Sarah Rabkin, Lecturer, Environmental Studies

Peter Raimondi, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Arthur Ramirez, Professor & Dean, Baskin School of Engineering

David Rank, Professor Emeritus, Astronomy & Astrophysics

Jennifer Reardon, Professor, Sociology

Craig Reinarman, Professor Emeritus, Sociology

B. Ruby Rich, Professor, Film & Digital Media

Lisa Rofel, Professor, Anthropology

Danilyn Rutherford, Professor, Anthropology

Guriqbal Sahota, Assistant Professor, Literature

Chad Saltikov, Associate Professor, Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology

Bruno Sansó, Professor, Applied Math & Statistics

Neil Schaefer, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College

Felicity Schaeffer-, Assistant Professor, Humanities

Daniel Scheie, Professor, Theater Arts

Martine Schlag, Professor, Computer Engineering

Bruce Schumm, Professor, Physics

Dan Scripture, Research Fellow, Writing Program

Beth Shapiro, Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

B. Sriram Shastry, Distinguished Professor of Physics

Carol Shennan, Professor, Environmental Studies

David Smith, Associate Professor, Physics

Robin Somers, Lecturer, Writing Program

Andrea Steiner, Lecturer, Community Studies

Beth Stephens, Professor, Art

Glenn Stewart, Lecturer

Trish Stoddart, Professor, Education

Sean Swezey, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College

Andrew Szasz, Professor, Environmental Studies

Terry Terhaar, Lecturer, Writing Program

Bruce Thompson, Lecturer, History

Anna Tsing, Professor, Anthropology

Slawek Tulaczyk, Engineering

Zdravka Tzankova, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

Anujan Varma, Professor, Computer Engineering

John Vesecky, Professor, Electrical Engineering

Su-Hua Wang, Associate Professor, Psychology

Susan Watrous, Lecturer, Student Media & Rachel Carson College

Martin Weissman, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

David Wellman, Professor Emeritus, Community Studies

Candace West, Professor, Sociology

Clara Weygaunt, Lecturer, Rachel Carson College (formerly College Eight)

Stephen Whittaker, Professor, Psychology

Terrie Williams, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Christopher Wilmers, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

James Wilson, Writing Program

Rasmus Winther, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Deborah Woo, Professor Emerita, Community Studies

Thomas Yen Hon Wu, Assistant Professor, Economics

Erika Zavaleta, Professor, Environmental Studies

Jonathan Zehr, Distinguished Professor, Ocean Sciences

Yi Zhang, Associate Professor, Technology Management

Eve Zyzik, Associate Professor of Spanish, Language Program