Thomas Logwood, Academic Adviser

Thomas Logwood

Hometown: Deep East Oakland, CA

Education: BA, Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz ‘17

Bio: My journey in Santa Cruz began five years ago. I moved here as a first-generation student, coming from a low-income background. The move to Santa Cruz was definitely a culture shock and proved to be a challenging transition for me. My experience here over the last few years has helped me gain insight to some of the societal and institutional barriers that are in place against our students; so I can attest that the hardships they face are valid and very much real. Serving in this advisor role, I aim to provide hands on service within the UCSC community on a larger scale. Two of my priorities are working to increase retention and graduation rates for  first-generation college students, while remaining an on-campus advocate for marginalized student populations. Since I am currently in a split advisor role, my time at Oakes and Rachel Carson is limited in both spaces. If you feel the need to connect, visit me during drop in hours, or send me an email at