Vote YES to impact your community!

Measure 71 is all about enhancing your student experience through student jobs and leadership positions, small and large-scale programs, and supporting student-organized events and initiatives.

A YES on Measure 71 is long overdue.

The College Student Government Fee has not been raised in 37 years! As you can imagine, what we were able to offer at $10.00/per student/per quarter in 2019 is significantly less than it was in 1982. Measure 71 proposes a gradual increase to this fee to continue to offer excellent opportunities for students for you to participate in student life at your college.

A YES on Measure 71 supports student agency.

Every bit of money spent from the College Student Government Fee is approved by students. Student governments typically allocate money at the beginning of each year to run the college programs office. They reserve a discretionary budget for government specific initiatives. And finally, they reserve money to fund student organizations. Every dollar is thought about intentionally, with the ultimate goals of promoting the college theme and supporting a diverse group of college affiliates.

A YES on Measure 71 is widely supported!

Measure 71 has been endorsed by the following organizations:

  • Stevenson Student Council
  • Merrill Student Government
  • Rachel Carson College Council
  • Cowell Student Senate
  • College Nine Senate
  • College Ten Senate
  • Ten Colleges Debate Union
  • Korean American Student Association
  • Porter College Senate
  • Game Design & Arts Collaboration

The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) supports this fee as it will allow colleges to pay students for leadership positions during welcome week and will result in increased funding for student run organizations.

This fee was sponsored to appear on the ballot by all ten college student governments and the Student Union Assembly.

A YES vote allows for:

  • Stipends for college fall Welcome/Orientation Leaders (currently volunteer positions)
  • Increased funding for student jobs such as Programs Assistants and Tech Crew, increasing both number of positions and hours available for employees
  • Bigger and better programs and events to help you develop community at UCSC
    • Think College Nights, Welcome Week, Commencement, workshops, dances, Open Mic nights, and more!
  • Student organizations to receive more money for your programs and initiatives through college student governments
  • A culture of student agency
    • College student governments represent all college affiliates and advocate for positive changes that make for a better student experience
  • Student-initiated college enhancements such as:
    • New furniture in student spaces
    • Posting boards
    • Murals
    • Enhancements in student spaces (i.e. new carpet, paint, decor, etc.)

There will be a gradual increase for this fee, until it levels out at $20/student/quarter in 2022. The below numbers are per each student.

Table outlining a gradual increase from $17 per student per quarter in 19-20 to $20 per student per quarter in 22-23

Fall/Winter/Spring Quarter

Annual Total


$17.00 per quarter



$18.00 per quarter



$19.00 per quarter



$20.00 per quarter



A NO vote:

  • Welcome/Orientation leaders will stay a volunteer position. This makes it difficult to recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive group of leaders to support our incoming students.
  • Student jobs may become limited in either number of positions or hours available, as minimum wage continues to increase.
  • Programs and events will stay the same or diminish as inflation continues to impact the budget.
  • College student governments will continue to only fund 30-50% of what is requested.

The fee will continue to cost $10.00 per student per quarter.