Posting Policy

Public Access Posting: Flyers

Flyers Guidelines

  • Clearly indicate sponsor and contact information for event
  • Include removal date and/or the date of the event
  • Be left for a maximum of 14 days
  • Not cover up another existing posting
  • Be no larger than 8.5” x 11”
  • Not be posted on residential entry doors
All flyers that comply with UCSC policy and the above guidelines do not need to be pre-approved and can be directly posted by any individual at the locations listed below. Any postings found in violation of these guidelines will be removed.

Public Bulletin Boards

  • Rachel Carson College Mail Room Bulleting Board
  • Dining Hall Bulletin Board - Left of Main Doors

Residence Halls 

  • 18 flyers to the Residential Life office. These will be distributed by the RAs amongst the Residence Halls.
  • Posting flyers in the Residence Halls by anyone other than RAs is NOT permitted

Public Access Posting: Banners


  • Banners must be brought to the Student Life Office (In the Rachel Carson College Plaza) for approval on a space-available basis. Once approved banner will be posted in the Dining Hall. 
  • Banners may be no bigger than 3’ x 4’.
  • Banners must clearly indicate the following
    • Sponsor and contact/disability information for the event.
    • Removal date and/or date of event.
    • Banners may be posted for a maximum of one week
Chalk is not permitted on Rachel Carson College (formerly College Eight) grounds and buildings