Graduation Requirements

Certainly, one of your primary goals is to graduate from UCSC! So it's important to be very clear about what those requirements entail. Here is a quick breakdown of the requirements that all UCSC students need to complete in order to be eligible for graduation:

1) University Requirements:

  • Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) (completion by end of 4th quarter required and enforced)
  • American History and Institutions Requirement
  • Senior Residency (35 of a student's final 45 credits must be completed at UCSC)

2) Rachel Carson College (formerly College Eight) Requirement:

  • Completion of the Rachel Carson College Core Course (CRSN 1 - Academic Literacy and Ethos: Environment and Society) Required in first fall quarter for all new entering first-year students.

3) General Education Requirements:

4) Major Requirements:

  • Review your Major Requirements
  • Disciplinary Communications Requirement (Fall 2009 and after)
  • Check with your department/program about specific major requirements!

Now that you know your requirements, learn how to track your own progress towards graduation!