Welcome to Rachel Carson College!

Dear New Rachel Carson College Student,

On behalf of Rachel Carson College’s faculty, staff and students, I would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to UCSC and your enrollment in our college!

Rachel Carson College's theme, “Environment and Society,” embodies the college’s concern about environmental issues, within a social, political, scientific, engineering and humanistic context.  The College has a vigorous intellectual life, with core and other courses designed to this end. Rachel Carson College is also an exciting community, with students actively augmenting their academic training through a large variety of extra-curricular activities.  Rachel Carson College's students major in almost every discipline offered at UCSC, while being strongly committed to environmental stewardship. Be sure to browse the college website for more about this.

Rachel Carson College schedules small, two, three and five-credit classes on a range of topics, designed to provide students with practical, hands-on skills and valuable networks for the future.  The College sponsors an interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability Studies, designed to provide students with both classroom and hands-on experiential learning so they can pursue careers in the sustainable built-environment, green technology, and natural resource management.  Click on the link for more information.

For frosh, Rachel Carson College’s five credit, Fall Quarter required core course offers a weekly plenary which is a singular opportunity for you and your fellow frosh to gather in one place every week (this won’t happen again until you graduate), and a smaller, 30 student section (which meets two or three times a week) focused on reading, writing and “California Environment and Society.” You can find details about the class on the "Core Course" website. You can find a broad range of information about environment and society at the RCC wiki site.

One of the important functions that Rachel Carson College offers is your academic advising services. I would like to introduce you to your Advising Team at Rachel Carson College: Lauren Reed, Academic Preceptor, Dan Barnhart  and Karolina Reyes, your Academic Advisers. Your Rachel Carson College academic advising team provide support in transitioning to the university, understanding university requirements and policies, exploring academic interests, and supporting your academic success. More information about Advising, including contact information, is available here: [https://advising.ucsc.edu/about/colleges-advising/index.html

You should have already received information about our online summer orientation program called: “Slug Orientation”. As you know, this program includes a series of three online courses designed to provide you with everything you need to know about having a successful start at UCSC. These courses are designed to introduce you to the academic advising system at UCSC, help you explore (or confirm) your educational goals, prepare you to enroll in fall classes, learn how to use your MyUCSC portal to enroll in classes, connect you to your online Orientation Leader Team, and remind you of critical deadlines. You should have already completed course 1 and be working on completing course 2 as you get ready to enroll in your courses. Slug Orientation course links will be sent directly to your UCSC email account (as the official form of communication for the university). You will soon receive information about additional academic advising support as you prepare to enroll the week of July 29th.

The mission of staff and faculty at Rachel Carson College is to see that you succeed in your academic career and at UCSC and to prepare you for the future.  Do not hesitate to come to see me and the rest of the RCC faculty and staff when you visit and once you get settled in the fall. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you personally to the Rachel Carson College Community when you arrive. 


All the best,

Sue A. Carter, Provost, Rachel Carson College, Professor, Physics Department