Become a Rachel Carson College Supporter

Environmentally-aware students working toward a green future depend on your support for Rachel Carson College, and its activities and objectives.

Rachel Carson College's academic and green programs and classes depend on support from and involvement of its Friends: alumni, parents, families, colleagues and others. Such support and involvement is critical to the College's efforts to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices and their continuation.  RCC provides numerous student opportunities for sustainability-related and other learning and skills acquisition, and you can support those most important to you.  

The creation of an endowment does not mean that RCC will not need your help and participation in the future. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the success of the College, its members and the UCSC campus.

The College welcomes the participation of Friends with interest in volunteering to teach, speak or assist in its programs and classes, and in mentoring students and student research groups.  If you have expertise, knowledge and skills that can contribute to student success, please contact us.

Your support for our students is extremely important. 

A significant fraction of Rachel Carson College student population comes from low-income families, who are unable to pay the costs of increasingly expensive course texts and  academic needs. You can help ensure their academic success by providing $250 per year for this purpose. When possible, the College funds student projects, including senior capstone projects, education and training needs, especially those related to the Sustainability Studies Minor, but also other ones, for example, engineering design, scuba diving instruction and research and conference travel.  Such projects typically cost about $500.  As part of its effort to encourage students to initiate their own research projects, and to participate on faculty research, RCC tries to provide $2,500 stipends for summer work.  Finally, a few of our students take on significant research projects, especially as seniors.  RCC would like to support these enterprising students who would otherwise have to forego research for jobs that pay their tuition and living expenses, with $10,000 research fellowships.

Another way to support RCC student success is to create a fund to support particular student groups and research.  For example, the Amanda Topper Fund provides financial help to low-income students, especially those with short term needs.  If you are interested in establishing such a fund, please contact the RCC Provost.

Rachel Carson College's educational programs can benefit from your assistance.  Support for courses, programs and research is critical to student success.

The College's educational efforts almost all depend on "soft money" from donor gifts and external funding sources.  The new endowment will provide a significant pool of funds for student education but, as the University reduces its support for the colleges, other sources of support are increasingly imporant.  Courses in the Sustainability Studies minor are taught by expert instructors, whose salaries are not provided by the University. Each 2-unit course costs about $4,000 per instructor; each 5 unit course, about $8,000.  To support the Sustainability Studies minor costs about $120,000 per year.

Rachel Carson College offers students the opportunity to engage in practical, hands-on work on projects designed to foster a more sustainable future.

The RCC Sustainability Studies minor is not only a pedagogical program, it also an experiential learning one.  Through the minor, students work on group research projects, learning how classroom studies intersect with real-world projects and problems.  For example, students in the CRSN 152 IDEASS Lab classes are working on a "Clean Oceans" Project, Urban Agriculture at CASFS and the Arboretum, and construction of a Micropod house trailer.  Our students also participate in the activities of the new S-lab (for "Sustainability"). Each of these projects promises not only a green future for participating students but also opportunities to acquire entrepreneurial and hands-on skills that will be valuable in the Green Economy. Your support for these projects (from $100 to $10,000) can go a long way to ensuring their success.

Support Rachel Carson College

You can make a contribution to Rachel Carson College through the Rachel Carson College Fund.  At that site, you can also designate how you would like your gift to be used.  If you would like to support our vision, or have ideas of your own that you’d like to see developed at RCC, please do not hesitate to contact the Provost.  We are especially interested in hearing from potential volunteers, mentors and employers.

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