Alumni, Friends & Parents of Rachel Carson College

Friends of Rachel Carson College

Rachel Carson College depends on its Friends: students, alumni, parents, community members, and others.  This section of the web site offers information for our Friends, reports on College alumni and what they are doing, and provides a description of various College funds to which Friends can donate, and a link to an on-line form to make the task a bit easier.

The College has launched an informal membership group, "Friends of Rachel Carson College," which can keep you more closely informed about our activities, invitations to quarterly College Fellow Dinners, student research presentations, visiting speakers and volunteer and mentoring opportunities.  Please contact the Rachel Carson College Academic Programs Coordinator <> to indicate your interest.

We are always eager to hear from the Friends of Rachel Carson College and ideas you might have for improving and enhancing the student experience, programs and projects in which you are interested, classes and courses we could offer to students, and public events that bring together students, faculty and Friends.  Please don't hesitate to send your thoughts to the Provost <>.

Meanwhile, click on the tabs to the left to find out more about Rachel Carson College's activities and programs.