Manaiya Scott


According to Manaiya Scott, “Rachel Carson College is the best college.” Now a college third-year, she chose to come to UCSC after a high-school tour, loving the campus and its trees, nature, and air. She says that Carson’s theme of “Environment and Society” “spoke to me,” especially since she was the president of her high school’s Green Club. She also chose the university because of financial aid and its proximity to her hometown, Oakland.

Manaiya has always been an active student at Rachel Carson College. In her first year, she joined the (at the time) College Eight Senate, and she has been a Resident Assistant (RA) for her second and third year and may continue for another year. She also worked in the mailroom over the summer and intends to become a course assistant.

Manaiya likes the dynamic on the West side of campus, due to its sunlight, ocean view, and being next to Oakes College. She said that she used to complain about being far from classes, but then she learned that she can walk faster than the loop bus!

Manaiya’s secret to time management is using google calendar. She said that she manages her time by outlining her weekly commitments, even including naps! Her advice to other students looking to get involved is to not let student organizations consume them, and know that it’s OK to say no. She also suggests slowly stepping into leadership. Unlike high school, college coursework is more time-consuming and weekly commitments increase over the years.

Her post-graduation plans include returning to Oakland, perhaps going to Costa Rica, and eventually going to grad school.