Rachel Carson College (formerly College Eight)'s goal is to foster an environment in which future entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, and community leaders can develop their skillsets and become educated in today's best sustainable practices. 

It is our hope that all of our students flourish as these alumni have:

William Allayaud 1973. State Legislative Director, Sierra Club of California 

Andrew Bain 1989, Remedial Project Manager for the Environmental Protection Agency's Region 9 Superfund Division.

John Francis 1987. Vice President of Research, Conservation and Exploration for the National Geographic Society

Drew Goodman 1983. Co-founder, Earthbound Farm, the largest organic produce brand in North America

Jon Guice 1987. Entrepreneur with a focus on strategy and innovation in environmentally sustainable business, renewable energy, and clean technology

Andreas Merkl 1980. CEO of Ocean Conservancy in Washington, DC.

Angus Murphy. 1993 (Biology) went on to receive a PhD in '96 here at UCSC. In 2001 he began as an assistant professor at Purdue University's Dept. of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and, in 2009, became a full professor. Angus now serves as Professor and Chair at the University of Maryland as well as a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the Journal of Experimental Botany, Plant and Cell Physiology, and Frontiers in Plant Science. In 2006, Angus was named the BBSRC Underwood Fellow at the University of Oxnard.

Shelly Ryan (2000, Restoration Ecology) went on to receive a Masters degree in Museum Education from JFK University, writing her thesis on educating the public on climate change.  Utilizing her further education on the topic, and climate change educational training with former Vice President Al Gore, Shelly now works on climate change/sustainability issues in Costa Rica with La Reserva Forest Foundation (

Michael Straus 1990. President, Straus Communications, advancing sustainability in food and agriculture.

Kennan H. Ward 1980. Adventurer-naturalist, with work featured in national and international magazines including National Geographic, Sierra, Natural History, Outdoor Photographer, and Outside

Michael K. Woo 1973. Former Los Angeles General Manager of Flexcar, a public/ private partnership that has won numerous awards for its program to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion by offering a type of “timeshare” for automobiles