Our Staff

Ronnie Lipschutz

Ronnie Lipschutz, Provost

(831) 459-2361, rlipsch@ucsc.edu

Ronnie seeks to enrich the academic experience for all Rachel Carson College students. He works closely with the CAO to integrate the academic with the social, cultural, and residential programs in the college. He also oversees the Carson core course. Click here for his welcome message.
Brian Arao

Brian Arao, College Administrative Officer (CAO)

(831) 459-2550, barao@ucsc.edu

Brian is responsible for the administration of the college. He oversees the college's cultural, social and residential programs, staff, facilities and student conduct. Click here for his welcome message.

Mari Ortiz-McGuire

Mari Ortiz-McGuire, Associate CAO for Student Life

(831) 459-2796, mcmcguir@ucsc.edu

Mari is responsible for the residential and housing programs at Rachel Carson College. She works closely with the Residential Life team, intervenes on community issues, and is available for appointments and drop-in visits from students and staff.

Sarah Harker

Sarah Harker, Assistant to the College Administrative Officer

(831) 459-2922, sharker@ucsc.edu

Sarah is responsible for providing administrative support to the College Administrative Officer, and assists with a wide range of activities within student life at Rachel Carson College.

Asako Kinase-Leggett

Asako Kinase-Leggett, College Academic Programs Coordinator

(831) 459-2418, eakl@ucsc.edu, ekinasel@ucsc.edu

Asako provides administrative and academic support to Provost Lipschutz. She assists in the coordination of the Core Course and other courses offered by the college, and is responsible for special student project grants and funds.

Lauren Reed

Lauren Reed, Academic Preceptor

(831) 459-2361, carsonadvising@ucsc.edu

Lauren assists students in making informed decisions about their academic study plans. See her for assistance in choosing classes and appropriate course loads, maintaining good academic standing, and integrating majors and minors into an overall academic plan. She also develops academic programs and workshops.

Jan Burroughs

Jan Burroughs, Academic Preceptor

(831) 459-2361, carsonadvising@ucsc.edu

Jan provides advising to students. See her for assistance in choosing classes and appropriate course loads, maintaining good academic standing, and integrating majors and minors into an overall academic plan.

Thomas Logwood

Thomas Logwood, Academic Adviser

(831) 459-2361, carsonadvising@ucsc.edu

Thomas assists the Academic Preceptor and provides advising to students. See him for assistance in choosing classes and appropriate course loads, maintaining good academic standing, and integrating majors and minors into an overall academic plan.

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson, EOP STEM Counselor

(831) 459-2361, kojohnson@ucsc.edu

EOP counselors work as specialists in identifying barriers to academic success and developing action plans in partnership with students to ensuring continued enrollment and degree completion. EOP counselors take a holistic approach and engage in academic and non-academic issues including (social, financial, cultural, family, sense of belonging, personal support and navigating university resources).

Barbara Shelley with Sammy the Slug

Barbara Shelley, College Assistant

(831) 459-2361, bshelley@ucsc.edu

Barbara provides information and support to the college community as well as supervising the mailroom.

Emily Davis

Emily Davis, College Programs Coordinator (CPC)

(831) 459-4902, eadavis@ucsc.edu

Emily manages all social, cultural, and educational college programs and events, including graduation and orientation. She also works with the academic staff and Core Course to promote academic success, and advises the Rachel Carson College Council.

Sammy place holder

Molly Eaton, Student Life Assistant

(831) 459-4279, mbeaton@ucsc.edu

Molly manages the use of facilities for programs and events at Rachel Carson College. She also works to support the College Programs Coordinator with all the events and programming that take place throughout the year.

Jovana Baca

Jovana Baca, Housing Coordinator

(831) 459-3335, jbaca@ucsc.edu

Jovana offers administrative housing support to Rachel Carson College residents, coordinates housing logistics, and offers assistance to the CREs.

Ben Nissan

Ben Nissan, Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)

(831) 459-3397, bnissan@ucsc.edu

Ben helps to supervise the overall residential life programs and staff. He is also available for consultation about matters relative to students needs and concerns in the residential environment, including student behavior and conduct.

Hashim Jibri

Hashim Jibri, Coordinator for Conduct & Education

(831) 459-1602, hjibri@ucsc.edu


TBA, Counseling Psychologist

 TBA offers counseling services and consultation as a staff member of the UCSC Counseling and Psychological Services.

David Silva-Espinoza

David Silva-Espinoza, College Budget Analyst

(831) 459-4565, dazon@ucsc.edu

David manages all the financial transactions of the college.
Baldo Zaragoza

Baldo Zaragoza, Maintenance Supervisor

(831) 459-5793, zaragoza@ucsc.edu 

Baldo Zaragoza and the Rachel Carson College (formerly College Eight) Maintenance Staff are responsible for routine upkeep and repairs in our buildings. If you find that you need something in your room, or wish to report a problem in your hall or building, please submit a work request online at http://fixit.ucsc.edu. You may also contact the staff of the Maintenance Shop, which is located beneath the B/L building.

Marisol Meyer, Senior Building Maintenance

(831) 4031, marenasd@ucsc.edu

Community Safety Dispatch

(831) 459-2100