Facility Reservations

All Facilities Reservations Are Canceled Until Further Notice!

The UC Santa Cruz community continues to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are being proactive in maximizing physical distancing, while maintaining the critical operations needed to support students and employees who continue to live on campus, to facilitate remote learning, and to ensure the campus infrastructure is maintained and campus facilities are safe. The COVID-19 situation continues to be dynamic. Not only does it impact campus operations, but it has impacted the personal lives of everyone in the campus community and across the globe. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we navigate the situation and collectively work to mitigate the spread of the virus.


Campus Events

Guidance was given in earlier communications that campus events and events hosted in/on campus facilities should be canceled or postponed through the remainder of the spring quarter. No new events should be scheduled for the spring quarter. Event sponsors can contact the Office of the Campus Counsel to discuss considerations for event contracts. Information on commencement and guidance on summer event planning will be forthcoming.


Reservation Guidelines: we will not be taking any new reservations for RCC's facilites until it is safe to do so. We thank you for your patience during these times.

  • Facilities at Rachel Carson College are only available to campus units, student organizations currently registered through SOAR, Student Media, or sponsored by a campus faculty, staff, or unit.

  • As a general rule, you should submit your form one week prior to the event (or as early as possible) to ensure that your request will be processed in time for advertising and promotion of the event.

  • Use of a Rachel Carson College facility is restricted to three times per organization, per quarter

  • Reservations for space begin on:

    • Fall Quarter(Fall Week 1 through Winter Week 1)

    • Winter Quarter: (Winter Week 2 through Spring Week 1)

    • Spring Quarter: (Spring Week 2 through Spring Week 10)

    • Summer Usage: Please contact Conference Services at conf@ucsc.edu or 831-459-2611 for reservation inquiries.

Additional Charges

  • UCSC Major Events Policy requires UCPD presence for all major events on campus. The rates charged are NOT included in the aforementioned fees.

  • It is expected that trash cans will be emptied and all garbage and recycling taken to a local dumpster after each event.

  • In the event that additional custodial services are required for special cleaning at the end of an event, the reserving party will be charged for that service.

  • Damage to Rachel Carson College property outside of normal wear and tear will be charged to your organization for necessary repairs or replacements.

Cancellation Policy

We request that if for any reason you have to cancel a reservation that you have previously made please do so at least 48 hours prior to the event. If a cancellation is made after that time, there may be a cancellation fee for up to half the reservation cost. This fee also applies to “no shows.” Rachel Carson College reserves the right to rescind the use of any RCC Facility from a program or event.

Rachel Carson College Co-Sponsorship

Rachel Carson College welcome events and activities that help contribute to our educational priority of leading for environmental and social change. On occasion, Rachel Carson College will co-sponsor events and programs by waiving a portion or the entire venue fee.

  • Student groups who wish to request co-sponsorship need to submit a proposal to the Rachel Carson College Council (after confirming the availability of the venue). To request co-sponsorship, please fill out the Co-Sponsorship Request Form and email rccouncil@ucsc.edu at least two weeks prior to the proposed event
  • Faculty, staff, and non-student affiliated campus units requesting co-sponsorship should contact the Student Life Office at carsonstudentlife@ucsc.edu at least two weeks prior to the proposed event. Requests should articulate how the event will serve the Rachel Carson community and advance the educational priority of the college. 
  • Equipment and labor fees cannot be waived.


    Red Room

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    Location: in the Student Commons Building

    Use: primarily a student study lounge and can be booked for use by student organizations for meetings or small events.

    Capacity: seating 50, standing 75

    Furnishing: 36 chairs, 6 soft seats, one stationary sectional that seats 6 people, 4 short tables, 7 long tables, 55” flat screen TV, DVD Player, HDMI cord connector and access to hot & cold water dispenser. *Please note your reservation does NOT include any adaptors for laptops to connect to TV, any sound equipment, or any tables/chairs beyond what is already in the room.*

    Access: 9:00am - 11:00pm

    Unavailability: Mondays, 7pm - 11pm
                              Fridays, 7:30pm-10:00pm

    Cost: $50. A FOAPAL is required regardless if the fee is waived or not. Please note that reservations will NOT be confirmed until we receive a FOAPAL.

    Reservation: Groups can reserve a maximum of 3 times per quarter. Please fill out the Red Room Request Form to request reservation of the space. If you have any further questions please reach out to the Student Life Assistant at carsonstudentlife@ucsc.edu.

  • West Field

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    Location: The Rachel Carson College West Field is located just beyond the plaza, next to to the Oakes/Rachel Carson Dining Hall.

    Use: This space is primarily used to hold events and activities such as concerts, sporting events, field days, games etc.

    Furnishing: Includes use of the lawn, sand volleyball court, & basketball court. Please note your reservation does NOT include the use of the tennis courts, access to field/sports equipment, additional lighting, power cords, or extension cords. *Also note the newly revised UCSC Major Events Policy designates any event with outdoor/amplified sound and events with certain attendance numbers as a ‘Major Event’. These type of events will require additional forms and a minimum of 4 weeks reservation notice.

    Access: 10am-10pm

    Cost: Free.

    Reservation: Please fill out the West Field Request Form to request reservation of the West Field. If you have any further questions please reach out to the Student Life Assistant at carsonstudentlife@ucsc.edu.

  • West Field House

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    All West Field House reservations are managed by OPERS. Please visit the OPERS facilities page for more information.

  • Tabling

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    Location: Tabling space is available next to the RCC/Oakes Dining Hall & the Plaza Garden. Outside tabling at the colleges is limited to campus affiliates only.

    Furnishing: Please note that tables and chairs are NOT provided.

    Access: 10am-10pm

    Cost: Free

    Reservation: Please fill out the Tabling Request Form to request approval for tabling at Rachel Carson College. This form must be submitted one week prior to the proposed tabling event. Please note that submission of this form is NOT a confirmation. Please allow 2 business days for a response. If you have any further questions please reach out to the Student Life Assistant at carsonstudentlife@ucsc.edu.

    Tabling Guidelines:

    • Approved groups must be able to pick up a signed “Tabling Approval Form” from the Student Life Office #204. This form must be displayed in an easily visible location for the duration of the tabling event. *Groups tabling who do not obey this rule will be asked to leave.
    • Prior approval and notification for surrounding areas are required for the use of amplified sound.
    • Prior approval is required for food or drink distribution. A campus food permit is required for food that is perishable or was not purchased pre-packaged.
    • Prior approval is required for cash collection (sales or donations).
    • Tabling activities must be kept to outside areas. Buildings and residential areas may NOT be entered.
    • We do NOT provide tables or chairs.
    • Passerby paths of travel may not be blocked or obstructed by activities.
    • Tabling in the dining hall is coordinated by Dining Services. See the Dining Services page more information.
    Registered Student Organizations: A completed SOAR event proposal is required before requests for amplified sound, food, or the ability to collect cash will be considered. Once the event proposal form has been completed and submitted, please contact the Student Life Assistant at carsonstudentlife@ucsc.edu.

  • Rachel Carson College BBQ Grills


    Furnishing: Two large charcoal grills available for reservation. Your event must be taking place at Rachel Carson College if you are reserving the grills.

    Cost: Free. A FOAPAL number is required in case of damage. Your reservation will not be confirmed unless you provide this.

    Reservation: Grill reservation requests are required two weeks prior to your event. All groups must complete the Rachel Carson BBQ Grill Reservation and receive approval from the Campus Fire Marshal before accessing the grills. Only professional staff members are allowed to request grill approval. Students must consult with their advisor or supervisor to fill out the form.

    Please visit the Office of Emergency Services website for additional information and submit the Open Flame/Cooking Application and Permit (must be submitted 10 days prior to your event)

    If you have any further questions please reach out to the Student Life Assistant at carsonstudentlife@ucsc.edu.