Student Project Funding

Rachel Carson College has a modest fund to support Rachel Carson students in the following four areas: 

  1. Academic Research 
  2. Creative Initiatives 
  3. Artistic Endeavors 
  4. Special Events

The Individual Student Project Fund supports individual undergraduate student research and special projects. 

Any registered Rachel Carson College undergraduate student is eligible to submit an application for funding. Funds can only be given to the specific Rachel Carson student applicant for expenses with the Rachel Carson student fund. All funding decisions will be based on the merit of the research/project, the extent to which the research/project will benefit the college and/or university community, and the available funds. 

For more information and to appply for the Rachel Carson College Individual Student Project Fund please fill out the form and email a copy to carsoncapc@ucsc.

Deadlines for the 2022-2023 academic year as follows: 

Fall quarter: November 22, 2022

Winter quarter: March 11, 2023

Spring quarter: May 1, 2023

Note: Funding Request for events sponsored by registered student organizations should be directed to Core Council Funding through Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR).

Please direct any questions about the proposal and award process to the College Academic Programs Coordinator carsoncapc@ucsc

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