Housing Themes

ABC Themed Housing 

Apartment Building 03

A living-learning space for students whose interests span historical, present-day, and future experiences of predominantly African American, Black, and Caribbean peoples.

Men Promoting Positive Masculinity

A Quad, Garden Building 

This community is meant to provide a space for those interested in exploring and challenging harmful aspects of traditional masculinity and/or wish to embrace their role as allies with women in fostering healthy relationships and gender equality. Members of this community will be encouraged to further their involvement within Rachel Carson College and the UCSC community in order to develop their leadership skills and create spaces that promote positive masculinity, healthy relationships, and gender equality.

Multicultural Sustainability 

A Quad, L Building 

Students with diverse experiences and perspectives explore the intersections between social justice and sustainability. Through creative programming and group discussions offered by the residential staff, students engage in dialogue around the intersections between social and environmental justice to gain a holistic understanding of the relationship between the environment and society.

Social Justice: Exploring your Role 

B Quad, L Building (First and Third Floor) 

Students interested in beginning or furthering their self-exploration around identity to better understand how they show up within a community and their role in furthering social justice movements both at UCSC and more globally. Living closely with others who share this interest, students will be able to engage in dialogue and self-exploration in order to strengthen their capacity to create an inclusive and equitable society.


B Quad, L Building (Second Floor) 

This housing option allows those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and other identities within the LGBTQIA+ community as well as allies to live together in an open and supportive environment. (Only available in mixed-gender areas.)

Service Learning

C Quad, L Building (Second Floor) 

The Service Learning community provides residents with exciting opportunities to explore the value of civic engagement while contributing locally and more globally through volunteer and service activities. Students will receive guidance and encouragement to become more aware and engaged citizens while forging strong bonds with each other and the larger community.

Women's Hall

D Quad, Garden Building 

Women explore issues of gender and engage in dialogue around their specific needs through programming offered by the residential staff. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in campus events including Sister Solidarity, which is sponsored by the UCSC Women’s Center. Available only to female identified students.

Women in Science, Engineering & Math

D Quad, L Building (Third Floor) 

The WISE community fosters success for women in the sciences, engineering, and math. This is a great opportunity to be surrounded by students who share your interests, accomplishments, and challenges. WISE offers themed programming, guest speakers, peer support, and partners with the Biko Science Community at our sister college, Oakes College, to provide events designed for WISE students. Available only to female identified students.


For questions please contact carsonhousing@ucsc.edu.