UCSC Earth Week

2023 Theme: Education & Community

Earth Week Dates: April 19-22, 2023








Meet the Earth Week Interns 2022-23


CUIP Lead Intern: 



Social Media Manager: 







Budget Manager: 


Outreach Coordinator: 








Be an Earth Week Intern:

BIPOC students are strongly encouraged to apply 

Job Purpose
The Rachel Carson College Earth Week Internship Program seeks to connect all UCSC students to the RCC theme, Environment & Society. Interns develop student leadership skills by coordinating virtual events, educational programs, and online workshops that cover both social and environmental issues that pertain to the entire UCSC community.

Job Roles
-Coordinate Earth Week programs in conjunction with the RCC CUIP Intern and Rachel Carson College Program Coordinator
-Create themed programs for Earth Week
-Collaborate with campus environmental partners, faculty, and staff
-Ensure diverse viewpoints are shared in terms of racial and ethnic backgrounds, class differences, geographical positions, differing abilities, neurodivergency, et cetera

-Undergraduate student at UCSC
-Enroll in 2-unit P/NP Independent Study Course each quarter
-2 quarter commitment
-Work up to 5 hours per week (schedule set based off of intern’s availability and event staffing needs); this includes a weekly or biweekly meeting
-2 page Critical Reflection Paper (each quarter)

-2 units credit per Winter & Spring quarter
-Gain experience planning, coordinating, implementing, marketing, and assessing events
-Develop financial planning skills including grant writing, securing funding, managing a budget, etc.
-Gain professional communication skills including email, phone, and public speaking
-Develop leadership skills

Required Qualifications
-Strong oral, written, and interpersonal skills sufficient to interact with a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students
-Basic typing and computer skills
-Ability to work under pressure with multiple ongoing projects, varying deadlines, and numerous interruptions
-Experience working on social media

Preferred Qualifications:
-Experience with, and knowledge of sustainability issues
-Knowledge of basic design program, such as Canva


Application link is here