How to Declare

In order to ensure that the Sustainability Studies minor appears on AIS and your transcript at graduation, you need to do be decalred in your major and do the following: 

1. Please fill out this form: To view this form, you must be logged in to your UCSC email account:


What you will need to complete this form: 
Academic Planning Form

S-Minor course planner form

Sustainability Studies Minor Required Check List

If you need help please contact us at (

2. Set up your meeting with the Provost (Sue Carter) or the Academic Coordinator (Tamara Ball). Se up your meeting through our Advising calendar, please select a declaring appoinment spot .   

* Click on an open appointment slot to sign up. If no slots are available, please try a different time range. To cancel an appointment slot you've already booked, leave this sign-up page and delete the event from your own google calendar.* 

3. Log into MyUCSC and submit the Petition for Major/Minor via MyUCSC as soon as you have met major qualification requirements and/or reach your declaration deadline quarter, whichever comes first.  

  • If you are not yet logged into MyUCSC, the petition can also be accessed by going to MyUCSC and navigating to the Student Homepage and selecting the Undergraduate Student eForms tile > Petition for Major/Minor

4. The Sustainability advisers will then ensure that the minor is entered in AIS and will show up on your record. If the minor does not show up on AIS within a few weeks please contact (

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at ( with the subject line: Sustainability Studies Minor

* The course schedule form is different for students exercising catalogue rights prior to Fall 2017 (Course planner for Pre-2017) and for those enrolling in Fall 2017 or later (Course planner for Fall 2017 or later). *