How to Declare

In order to ensure that the Sustainability Studies minor appears on AIS and your transcript at graduation, you need to do the following: 

1. If you have not yet declared your major, when you do so, you will need to fill out both the Academic Planning and Major Declaration forms. 

2.Fill in the S-Minor Course Planner. If you need help please contact Provost Sue Carter ( or Academic Coordinator Tamara Ball (

3. Take the three forms (course schedule, academic planning form, major declaration form) to your major department for review & signature.

4. Bring all 3 forms to Provost Sue Carter for signature (you can drop off the forms with the advising office). 

5. The Rachel Carson College advisers will then ensure that the minor is entered in AIS and will show up on your record. If the minor does not show up on AIS within a few weeks please contact (

If you have questions, please contact the Program Director, Provost Sue Carter (

* The course schedule form is different for students exercising catalogue rights prior to Fall 2017 (Course planner for Pre-2017) and for those enrolling in Fall 2017 or later (Course planner for Fall 2017 or later).