Breadth Electives

(This list is updated regularly, but course offerings change.  Please consult course lists prior to each quarter to see what is on offer. Some of these course require permission of instructor to enroll)

ANTH 110E: Global Environmental Change

ANTH 110K: Culture through Food

ANTH 110W: Water & Landscape

ANTHRO 111: Human Ecology

ANTHRO 135A. Cities

ANTHRO 137. Consuming Culture

ANTHRO 146. Anthropology and the Environment

ANTHRO 147: Anthropocene

ANTHRO 160. Reproductive and Population Politics

ANTHRO 161. The Anthropology of Food

ART 125. Environmental Art Studio

CMMU 133. Making California: Landscapes, People, Politics, Economy

CMMU 149. Political Economy of Food and Agriculture

CMMU 156. Politics of Food and Health

CMMU 162. Community Gardens and Social Change

CMMU 186. Agriculture, Food & Social Justice

EART 107. Remote Sensing of the Environment

EART 116. Hydrology

EART 121. The Atmosphere

EART 142. Engineering Geology for Environmental Scientists

EART 146. Ground Water

EART 191. Climate Change Science and Policy

EEB 107: Ecology

EEB 108: Marine Ecology

EEB 147: Community Ecology

EEB 145: Plant Ecology

EEB 155: Freshwater Ecology

ECON 170. Environmental Economics

ECON 171. Natural Resource Economics

ECON 175. Energy Economics

EE 175/L. Energy Generation and Control

EE 176/L. Energy Conservation and Control

EE 177/L. Power Electronics

EE180J. Advanced Renewable Energy Sources

FMST 124.  Technology, Science, and Race Across the Americas

FMST 131. The Politics of Matter and the Matter of Politics

FMST 133. Science and the Body 

HAVC 141I. Environments, Installations and Sites

HAVC 141K. Activist Art Since 1960: Art, Technology, Activism

HAVC 143B. History of Urban Design

HISC 139A. Market Crises and the Future of Capitalism

HIST 101C. Oceans in World History

HIST 106C. Food Empires

HIST 151. Science, Medicine and Technology

HIST 177. Smoke, Smallpox and the Sublime

HIST 196F. European Environmental History

LALS 152.  Consumer Cultures Between the Americas

LGST 131 Wildlife, Wilderness, and the Law

LGST 132. California Water Law and Policy

LGST 137. International Environmental Law and Policy

LGST 149. Environmental Law & Policy

LGST 159. Property and the Law

METX 101. Sources and Fates of Pollutants

METX 144. Groundwater Contamination

OCEA 101. The Marine Environment

OCEA 102. Oceans and Climate

PHIL 125. Philosophy of Science

POLI 170. International Relations of the Environment

POLI 174. Political Ecology

PSYCH 159E. Peace Psychology

SOCY 115. Green Governance

SOCY 119. Sociology of Knowledge

SOCY 125. Society and Nature

SOCY 130. Sociology of Food

SOCY 132 : Sociology of Science and Technology

SOCY 167. Development and Underdevelopment

SOCY 173. Water

SOCY 177E. Eco-Metropolis

SOCY 177G. Global Cities

SOCY 179. Nature, Poverty, and Progress