IDEASS (CRSN 152 Sections 01-06)

Theme Project Examples
Section 1 Resource Recovery for a Circular Economy Mobile gaming applications, Post-consumer plastics characterization/ recovery and depolymerization or extrustion for 3D printing, Rainwater harvesting at the Arboretum, and Composing cardboard with fungi.
Section 2 Coastal and Marine Health Develop and test tools for assessing coral reef health
Section 3 Natural Resource Management Developing land management strategies with Natural Reserve System, State Parks and Land Conservation Organizations
Section 4 Sustainable Designs for the Built Environment Practical hands-on building with sustainable materials and incorporating renewable energy technologies
Section 5 Building Performance Use building information management systems (e.g. LEED EBOM) and design tools (e.g. DesignBuilder) to model and report operating performance
Section 6 Sustainability- Lab Various