IDEASS (CRSN 152 Sections 01-06)

IDEASS is a year-long sequence designed to advance students as change agents prepared to contribute to game-changing efforts to bring about a more sustainable world. It represents an extraordinary opportunity for you to help design and move on sustainable development projects that explore new technologies or strategies for advancing lasting technical, economic, social, cultural and environmental change on campus and throughout the Monterey Bay region. 2021-2022 marks the 11th year since the launch of the IDEASS program, which is now the capstone for the Sustainability Studies Minor at Rachel Carson College.

You will work with an interdisciplinary project team to integrate the different dimensions of complex sustainability challenges. Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, sociology, ecology and  especially... innovative design practices are all critical to this interdisciplinary and community centered approach.

As part of our team-based approach, you will:

  • Interact and work with experts from multiple disciplines to envision, design and apply innovations in sustainable technology, systems and practices to create sustainable solutions implicating energy, water, waste / pollution management, food and shelter in the built environment,
  • Learn core principles and practices of regenerative design,
  • Learn valuable team project planning, management, and implementation skills, and
  • Learn new and innovative approaches to problem solving in complex decision-making environments
  • Connect with key stakeholders on and off campus. 

Below you will find our current student projects happening! If none of these catch your eye, you can propose your own project in the form below. 

The tables are just for visual seperation of courses
Theme Project Examples

Section 1

Current Projects for 152-1

Resource Recovery for a Circular Economy

Mobile gaming applications, Post-consumer plastics characterization/ recovery and depolymerization or extrustion for 3D printing, Rainwater harvesting at the Arboretum, and Composing cardboard with fungi.

Section 2

Current projects for 152-2

Coastal and Marine Health

Develop and test tools for assessing coral reef health


Section 3

Current projects for 152-3

Natural Resource Management

Developing land management strategies with Natural Reserve System, State Parks and Land Conservation Organizations

Section 4

Current projects for 152-4

Sustainable Designs for the Built Environment

Practical hands-on building with sustainable materials and incorporating renewable energy technologies

Section 5 Building Performance Use building information management systems (e.g. LEED EBOM) and design tools (e.g. DesignBuilder) to model and report operating performance